Techno-Commercially Viable
Sustainable and Green in Nature
Engineering Solutions

The genesis & theme behind the formation of VAPCO is to offer process engineering solutions which are techno-commercially viable, sustainable and green in nature.

Based on the experience of the team, VAPCO has been developed to serve various sectors including Ethanol, Starch & Chemical Industry with solutions ranging from engineering to commissioning to turnkey basis.

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Technology enhancement
Process development
Product development


Vendor Selection
Technical feasibility
Commercial feasibility


Erection & Commissioning

All Our Technology, Process & Solutions
Comply with International (ISO) Industry
Quality Standards

We are committed to providing customers with services at the highest possible level of quality. In order to
achieve this, we are continually working to redesign processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding
customer satisfaction at all times. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all stake
holders & overall responsibility residing with the company management.

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VAPCO is committed to

Providing Sustainable Solutions

Use “Risk Based Thinking Philosophy” at every step in the process of providing sustainable solutions to customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhancing the Customer satisfaction by addressing the relevant customer problems, now and in future.

High Performance

Designing plants and process systems with high performance delivered.

Time Schedule

Delivering projects with Time Schedule as Essence.


VAPCO will be one of the respected company in Engineering &EPC sector for sustainable technology solutions in Ethanol, Chemical & Starch industries.


Bringing together over 100+ man years of accumulated hands-on experience, VAPCO’s mission is to create added value by partnering with CUSTOMERS in their journey – with sustainable and innovative solutions to ensure that they are economical for use & address customer problems, now and in the future.

We test and evaluate our solutions for its sustainability & reliability.


Establishments of a company Founded by few technocrats.


Success in Canadian market with delivering multi pressure Distillation plant.


Installation of first steam less integrated evaporation plant for Grain based Distillery in India.


Delivered single largest Alcohol based evaporation plant for Distillery in India.


Implementation of crystallizing evaporation system for Salt separation.


Continues to challenge and upgrade our capabilities with Multiple and large size Projects in setting up Distilleries, Dryers and Evaporation plants.