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Bhutan centennial distillery
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Latest News : Successfully commissioning & handover of 150 KLPD MSDH plant for Chandigarh Distillery & Bottlers Limited, Banur Panjab, India   |    Successfully commissioning & handover of 170 KLPD Grain based Distillery & Evaporation unit for Haryana Liquors Pvt Ltd, Haryana, Panjab, India   |    Successfully commissioning & handover of Analyzer column reboiler Bajaj Hindustan Ltd, Kinauni, Uttar Pradesh, India   |    Successfully commissioning & handover of Paddle dryer system for Sludge Dewatering at Jhagadia, Gujarat, India   |    Successfully commissioning & handover of Paddle dryer system for Raymonds at Vapi, Gujarat, India   |    Successfully commissioning & handover of Fiber & Germ dryers for Everest Starch Plant at Bramhapuri (Vanki) Gujarat India   <|    VEPL has successfully commissioned 40 KLPD Absolute Alcohol plant based on molecular Sieve based technology at Jain Distillery, Bijnor (U.P.) India   |   VEPL has successfully commissioned Flash dryer for drying of custard powder for Weikfield, India.   |   VEPL has successfully commissioned Paddle dryer for drying sludge generated from wool scouring system, for Raymond, VAPI, Gujarat.   |   VEPL has successfully commissioned RS to ENA Multi pressure Distillation plant with low energy consumption and higher quality of ENA for superior Industries limited, Bareilly.   |   VEPL has successfully commissioned Analyzer reboiler system for existing wash to ENA multi-pressure distillation plant for BHL, Kinauni resulting in reduction of effluent at source; thus, reduction in overall energy consumption.   |   VEPL has successfully commissioned 120 KLPD Grain based Distillery at Bhatinda , Punjab for BCL Industries & Infrastructures Limited.   |   Commissioning of Integrated Evaporation of Bio-Methanated Spent wash at Modi Distillery, Uttar Pradesh, India   |   UPDA Seminar   |   AIDA Seminar   |   SCI Commissioning   |   VEPL Commissions 50 KLPD Absolute Alcohol Plant   |   Installation of Condensate stripping unit for Biomethanated based Process Condensate

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The company provides solutions & services based on the best technologies across the globe with prime focus on product quality energy efficiency.
VAPCO is committed to provide sustainable & environment friendly designs & EPC solutions in the field of Ethanol, Starch, Chemical & Pharma Industries.


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