Nitrogen/Oxygen Plant

We offer a comprehensive and versatile range of gas plants, compressed air systems, ammonia cracking units and different type of drying units, allied products to our clients. By focusing on engineering and design quality, we have provided outstanding performance, efficiency coupled with reliability to our product range. Our range include :

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants (only PSA unit, with pd. deoxo unit, with copper catalyst unit, with nitrogen drying unit, with gas pressure boosters, or as per purity level/ specifications of product gas by customer) PSA / VSA Oxygen Gas Plants (any size of plant as per the client's requirements, with or without storage facility)
Air/Gas Drying Units (heatless type, refrigeration type)
Compressed Air Systems (consisting of compressor, heat exchanger, air receiver, air filters, moisture separators, drying unit)

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants

We are one of the leading manufacturer of PSA nitrogen gas plants, where oxygen gas is separated from the compressed air and nitrogen gas of desired purity is produced.

Salient Features :

• Fully automatic start-up
• Very compact skid mounted units supplied, duly assembled from our factory
• Start-up time only 5-minutes to get nitrogen of desired purity
• No petroleum fuels required - only electrical power and cooling water needed for nitrogen generation
• Life of carbon molecular sieves guaranteed for more than 10 years on continuous operation basis. All the plants are tailor made and adjusted to give nitrogen of desired quality depending upon its application

Technology :

It works on pressure swing absorption technology developed by carbotech, Germany (the technology inventors) and upgraded by our vast experience on the system
• The Nitrogen plant consists of twin tower system that are filled with special grade of carbon molecular sieves
• Two absorption towers are interconnected with auto change over valves
• Nitrogen gas of desired purity is stored in nitrogen tank
• For big size plants nitrogen produced from PSA skid is approximately with 1% oxygen which is reduced to desired level upto 1 ppm by providing deoxo/ dryer system in the downstream as per the client's requirement
• To monitor the impurities (Oxygen & Moisture)in product gas, online analyzers are provided

Application :

• Heat treatment of metals where reducing atmosphere is required
• Edible oil industries
• Chemical & petrochemical industries
• Sintering
• Deoxidization
• Nitrization
• Hydrogenation of organic compounds
• Galvanization
• Petroleum Industries
• Food Industries

PSA Oxygen Gas Plants

We offer complete range of PSA oxygen gas plants, which produce oxygen gas by pressure swing adsorption technology where compressed air is passed through two absorbers packed with zeolite molecular seives which adsorbs nitrogen from the compressed air and oxygen gas up to 95% is achieved as product gas.

Salient Features :

• Based on economical, reliable and proven technology
• Substantially lower operation cost
• All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic oxygen demand adjustment
• Lower Space Requirement: The design and instrumentation make the plant size very compact, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory
• Fast Start-up: 5 minutes start-up time to get desired oxygen purity. So, these units can switch ON & OFF automatically as per oxygen demand
• High Reliability: Reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant oxygen purity
•Molecular Sieves Life: Expected molecular sieves life is around 15-years therefore no replacement costs

Application :

• Hospitals
• Fish farms
• Chemical industries
• Water treatment
• Metal cutting
• Glass Cutting

Air/Gas Drying Units

The air/ gas drying units efficiently absorbs water vapors and dust along with the oil present in the air compressors and prevent the emulsion formation.
These prevent following things :
• Prevents the formation of rust and scale and leads to reduce the chances of malfunctioning of tools, controls and instruments
• Decrease the resistance to flow
• Prevent the gas instruments from giving false reading that might disrupt the product quality.

Product Features :

• Super dry air by low investment
• 100% oil & moisture free air
• Low electric power consumption
• Calibrated needle valve to adjust purge flow
• Maintenance free 3-way & 2-way control valves
• Negligible maintenance
• Fully automatic unit for operation
• Easy to install

Compressed Air Systems

Types of compressed air systems
There are two main types of compressed air systems: oil-free and lubricated. One design will be chosen over the other, depending on purification and industry requirements. Air purification requirements include general purity, instrument quality, breathing air, medical air, pharmaceutical, and clean dry air. Oil-Free Systems: Applications that cannot tolerate a lubricant require an oil-free system. It is critical to remove unwanted oil aerosols and vapors from compressed air, not just moisture. These aerosols and vapors are found in ambient air and can be generated by the compressor. This oil ends up degraded and oxidized by the heat of compression. Once heated, the oil can carbonize and form a solid, varnish-like substance on downstream equipment, causing valves and air tools to malfunction. If the oil is mixed with water, it forms a sludge that can gum up components of the air line. Downstream from the compressor, an air receiver stabilizes system pressure, serves as a demand reservoir, and holds some moisture. Downstream from the receiver, an air dryer, which will provide the correct pressure dew point, traps the remaining moisture. If either of these fail, there is still a coalescing filter after the dryer to provide protection. A dry receiver can also be installed after the coalescing filter to stabilize pressure and serve as a reservoir for times of high demand.

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